//Why is IP PBX better than old traditional phone system?

Why is IP PBX better than old traditional phone system?

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The old traditional analog phone line system uses a twisted copper pair wires, with the service provided by any local phone company. And a private branch exchange (PBX) is basically the private phone network within the company that basically connects multiple internal phone lines to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Most importantly, the purpose of these phone lines is to deliver a phone service through analog technology that may connect your business with different customers. Hence it allows the smooth telephonic communications within the company’s own phone lines.

Easy to manage and configure:

For traditional PBX you need to communicate with your vendor company. They will send a technical engineer and add or modify different features in the PBX. But in IP PBX you can manage to do it without professional help. You will not be bound with the certain vendor. You will only need the help of professional IP PBX solution providers who will deploy setup and maintain the software to perform smooth operations.

Cost savings on outgoing calls:

IP PBX generally uses a variety of trunks and not only PTCL. For making international calls, you can even use VoIP solutions, and for mobile calls, the PBX smartly uses GSM trunks (SIM cards in PBX).

Eliminate separate phone wiring:

Traditional PBX basically utilizes the separate wiring, it may be single or available in 4 pairs. Thus, it’s a misconception that IP PBX always uses the LAN RJ45 separately for each IP Phone end-point. The fact is, IP PBX utilizes the present wiring of the computer network as the IP Phone usually acts as a mode between PC to LAN switch.

Highly scalable:

It is quite common in the businesses to throw the traditional PBX as the company expands. In IP PBX case, it’s just a matter of adding multiple LAN points. It has no licensing limitations either.


An IP PBX usually build different conference rooms with different roles and pins protection. It’s just a perfect feature for having the teleconferences and daily meetings.

Mobility extension:

IP PBX provides the opportunity to use the cell phone as an extension. If you will set the mobile phone as a mobility extension, and then when you will call IP PBX with such mobility phone, you will listen to a dial tone. Then IP PBX will immediately recognize your call as a call from an extension.

Immediate transfer:

You can also have a blind transfer with IP PBX software, means it’s easy to transfer calls to another extension without even knowing if this extension is free or busy on a call. You can also perform consultative transfer that may put another member on “music on hold” dial while talking to the intended transfer party before connecting them.

IP PBX is a more versatile option than traditional PBX which has limited features and less credibility. If you want to get more details about the software or want to set up the solution for your call centers, visit VoIP Terminator for professional advice.

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