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Wholesale VoIP Termination

We offer a completely managed and customizable Wholesale VoIP carrier solution. Our premium voice quality and established worldwide carriers single us out from the competition. VoIP Terminator uses white and grey routes to ensure stable and secure communication over the entire transmission journey.

Wholesale Prices

Enjoy wholesale prices for VoIP Termination services starting as low as US$ 0.0055.

CLI Service

100% CLI Guaranteed!

24/7 Call Routing

24/7 Call routing management and control.

Worldwide Presence

Grow your international network with our worldwide presence. We deliver seamless voice quality with our established carriers in countries including US, Canada, Australia, UK.

Least Cost Routing (LCR)

Our custom-built least cost routing engine enables us to route our numbers strategically, giving you the best possible pricing.

Strategic Relationships

We have created strategic relationships with top telecommunications carriers, leveraging our high-volume traffic to negotiate aggressive rates.

Rate Deck Download

We offer dialer rate deck or a flat rate option; according to your needs and requirements.

If our prices are not competitive with your current provider, please contact us and we will evaluate your unique situation.

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Wholesale VoIP Provider Offers

Short Duration Termination

High-volume dialer traffic, high CPS, quality results


Aggressive short duration rates
Aggregation of multiple carriers specializing in short duration traffic
Customizable offering with high capacity, reaching 5,000 calls per second

Toll Free Termination

We offer FREE Toll Free Termination service for all your calls in the United States!


Providing FREE Toll Free Termination to North America
Full accurate CLID delivered as sent!
CODECS Supported: G711 and G729
IP Based Authentication

Call Termination

Carrier-class wholesale service


Premium conversational traffic with direct routes
Aggressive rates
Custom, flexible solutions
Least cost routing
Carrier class facilities
Private or public SIP options

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What is Wholesale Termination?

Wholesale termination is a vital part of the Voice Over Internet Protocol business as it deals with the bulk transactions of VoIP routes. The term VoIP termination is just another synonym for call termination or more commonly known as voice termination. In contrast to traditional telephone calls that can only make individual call terminations, wholesale VoIP achieve much more by the termination of a large volume of calls at a time. SIP is a similar service that can be subscribed to from getting in touch with the wholesale companies. SIP stands for “session initiation protocol” and SIP trunking is used for call establishment, teardown and management as the protocol provides a connection between a PTSN and an on-premise phone system. The SIP trunking system has many benefits like it is cost-effective, provides immediate ROI and network consolidation and mobility, etc.

Types of Wholesale VoIP Termination Companies

Generally, there are three tiers of wholesale VoIP providers. Tier 1 is the high-quality companies, the ones sitting on top of the pyramid. These tier companies take in the largest enterprises operating all over the planet. These companies possess the right to send calls over their physical network because they carry the cost of technical equipment and investment needed to make the service operational.
These tier 1 companies buy the connections and VoIP routes between countries at a certain rate. The rates are subjected to the demand of the traffic.

Call volume and cost is inversely proportional to each other: when the call volume is high, the cost is low and vice versa. The rates are subjected to change without notice and the wholesaler markets these call services to other businesses after keeping a profit margin of his own.

And with these services users can easily make calls to both VoIP and Cellular connections including the likes of GSM and landline numbers. Here is where the tier 2 wholesalers make their way into the marketplace. They offer paths via the internet to route these calls to their projected destination.

The second-tier VoIP wholesale company thus plays the role in leashing a segment of the network from a tier 1 provider and sell these customized services further into the market.

Understanding the VoIP industry

VoIP is an abbreviation of “voice over internet protocol”, and it is the most cutting-edge form of telecommunication. The rapid expansion of businesses gave rise to a demand for a better communication model. Hence the VoIP technological advance made its way into the market. This new technology is a clever combination of traditional telephone connection and internet protocol. Hence, the result of this kind of fusion is a marvelously convenient method of telecommunication.

It is not only more economical than traditional PSTN services but offers a much wider range of features as well. The call center industry has created countless jobs and occupational prospects. Retail and Wholesale VoIP are the most key sections of this business.

Wholesale VoIP A-Z Termination

VoIP traffic can either be defined as the number of messages over a circuit or some other amount of data in a circuit within a specified period of time. Traffic also comprises of the relationship between the speed of calls completed and call attempts on traffic sensitive equipment. To transport voice traffic, VOIP traffic utilizes RTP (real-time transport protocol).

Usually used for international calling, the call routes need to cover a wide number of destinations. As the name suggests, wholesale VoIP A-Z termination signifies the presence of routes in all countries on the face of the globe, starting with the letter A to letter Z. the A-Z concept is intended to allow service providers with a wider range of VoIP Routes. As a result, this wide range helps in gaining more customers.

Which Wholesale VoIP Provider is the best?

Usually, business owners find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to the question of VoIP solutions provider is the best? The answer might be simpler than you think. Simply, choose the one that is cost-effective, reliable and provides the best quality routes while remaining inside the boundary of your budget. Conducting a thorough comparison of global Voice over Internet Protocol providers will do the trick.

It is important to understand that there are several other factors to consider while choosing a provider for your call center solutions. Selecting a trustworthy service provider is vital since there are factors at play such as VoIP Fraud. Choosing an authentic provider will save you from future losses while entertaining you with good services in the meantime.

Wholesale VoIP Termination Rates

There are no fixed rates for VoIP termination. The rates are dependent on various factors. The key factors that matter the most are the demand of the destination and the quality of the route that leads to that destination.

Factors Affecting the VOIP Termination Rates

Availability: the rate goes normal or sometimes even low for the good routes when there is easy availability. Similarly, when routes are unavailable, the cost goes up.

Quality: call rates fluctuate in comparison to the quality of the route. Non-CLI routes are cheaper as compared to CLI routes.

VOIP Service Providers: service providers also have a great influence on the price of A-Z VoIP routes. A company might be offering a lower price while another one would offer the same services at a much higher rate. Therefore, a market survey is essential before making a move.