//What is a predictive dialer? How it’s useful for call center industry?

What is a predictive dialer? How it’s useful for call center industry?

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A predictive dialer is an automated outbound calling software solution which is specifically designed to boost the efficiency of call center agents. So the predictive dialer dials multiple calls in the list within few minutes and connects only answered calls to the agent and screen out the disconnected or busy numbers. As the predictive dialer only connects call center agents to the answered calls, so the agent’s time does not waste on listening to the dial tones of the invalid numbers or fax machines. Some companies provide smart predictive dialer software which is efficient enough to identify the calls picked by the answering machines and then simply filter them by dropping some pre-recorded voice message.

How does it work?

Managing numerous answered calls to the available call center agents is quite tricky. Therefore, the predictive dialers connected all the answered calls to the agents, so if an agent is not available, then the pre-recorded voice message is dropped instead and these calls are termed as dropped calls. The dialer also tends to keep the drop rate to a minimum.


The best part is predictive dialer also calculates the time taken to attend the call and average talk time. This is usually fed into the statistical algorithm which simply predicts when the agent will be next available to attend the calls. It would simply keep the picked & dropped calls in one dialing session. It also anticipates the number of available agents and counts the drop rate, and adjusts its dialing rate.

Important functions of predictive dialers:

  • Skip bad, disconnected and irrelevant numbers
  • Reduces agent downtime
  • Boost sales, leads and customer satisfaction
  • Cloud-based, no expensive hardware is needed.

 Benefits of predictive dialer software in call centers:

  • Increase the talk time to 45 minutes in one hour
  • Maintain a very high occupancy rate for the agents
  • Increases ROI when you reach more people to sell your products.

Predictive dialers can be easily customized for all kinds of business needs. If your dialer is not properly configured, then the customer will have to wait for a longer time in order to build up the call, and it will eventually leave him in uncertainty whether who was the caller. We need to keep in mind that this minor misconfiguration could become the major source of all complaints. Therefore, with accurate and precise configuration, you can easily prevent all kinds of errors. There are many reliable companies out there who offer fine-tuning for their predictive dialer software and offer several guidelines to overcome the issues.

Call regulations:

In the United States, if a person attends the call, but there is no agent available within next 3 seconds of his greeting, then FCC regulations consider this call “abandoned” and then requires the predictive dialer to play the pre-recorded message. The FCC also revealed that the predictive dialers abandon less than 5% of answered calls.

But in Canada, the maximum abandon rate is 8%, and they are not allowed to make calls on the numbers registered with the National Do Not Call Registry, emergency and healthcare providers.

Predictive dialers also allow the agents to greatly focus on closing sales, setting different appointments and connecting with clients while keeping a proper track record of calls. Therefore, choosing software from a reliable company like VoIP Terminator can solve your calling issues and may save your time and money.

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