//ViciDial vs GoAutoDial: Features, Similarities and Differences

ViciDial vs GoAutoDial: Features, Similarities and Differences

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Vicidial and GoAutoDial are the software and the special call center suite which are specialized in predictive auto dialing, inbound call routing, chat, complete reporting, and the email communication modules. The software has been in active development for past few years and also added numerous amazing features over that time. But the strongest advantage is that they are open source (AGPLv2 license), and free to distribute. Besides understanding the functionality of this software, we also need to learn some important features and common difference between VICIDial and GoAutoDial that play a significant role in making outbound and inbound calls.

Before listing the differences, we need to highlight some quality features of ViciDial and GoAutoDial.

Important features of ViciDial and GoAutoDial:

Here’s just a brief list of some important features that this software provides;

  • Provides the ability to an agent to call multiple times from their database through the web-based screen
  • Provides a script for call center agent to read with multiple fields such as their name, the address, etc.
  • The software has an ability to dial the calls automatically.
  • Set the campaign to auto dial and deliver live calls to the agents available
  • Transfer calls with customer data to the closer
  • Provides both inbound and outbound calls to an agent in the single session
  • Start and stop recording the agent’s calls anytime
  • Also, send a dropped call to the voicemail box
  • Ability to take multiple inbound calls gathering the caller ID
  • Ability to take set many outbound calls per ID.
  • Dial unlimited alternate numbers until agent gets an answer
  • Web-based administration

The above-mentioned list is still incomplete, but perhaps the more amazing features of this software are the ones which are not mentioned currently. What I mean is, they are an open-source software program; so anyone like me or you, can easily add or delete something from Vicidial according to their own requirement.


GOautodial and ViciDial are based on Linux which installs the GOautodial applications automatically, it includes (GOadmin, GOreports and GOagent), Vicidial, Mysql, PHP, Asterisk, Limesurvey and other open source software to have a full featured call center system. Their have two same applications such as GOadmin and the Goreports which are basically the web applications which are written from the scratch using highly advanced web coding standards with the help of PHP framework Code Igniter. They are also the tools which are designed particularly to interact with the Vicidial backend dialer system.


The actual difference between these two is the ease of use. A GOautodial system is considered as the more user-friendly and simple for even a common person. It’s quite easy to use, configure and install and the user experience is much enhanced as compared to a ViciDial system (which demands users to have a well-experienced call center and the Linux technical background). Another major difference is ViciDial has fewer footprints on resources; you have limited access to utilize each and every feature. But in case of GoAutoDial, you will find it resource intensive and you can easily use technology and latest features to enhance user experience.


Hence it is concluded that, both of these software are quite similar and user friendly. If you are a beginner you can prefer to use GoAutoDial which is an enhanced version of ViciDial and offer more support and features for a new user. And for experts, ViciDial is the best solution which can be handled with more care and professionalism.

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