//Top innovations your call center needs right now

Top innovations your call center needs right now

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Most of the call center businesses always look for some competitive edge. After all, if you really want to keep your customer base strong, then it is quite essential to keep the services updated according to the latest trends. As quickly as technology changes, it’s becoming necessary to stay on top of market trends and push your business to the forefront.

There are certain innovations are evolving in technology and they have completely transformed the call center solutions over past few years. That’s why innovations in different areas can take your Call Center business to the next level.

Provide detailed information through IVR (interactive voice response):

IVR is that compelling voice which guides us to Press 1 to activate the offer, Press 2 for sales & marketing, and Press 3 to talk to the customer support agent. It looks quite unfavorable when lots of call centers do not realize the importance and usefulness of this technology. Rather than having a call center agent for attending every single call that is coming in, IVR can simply deliver the right message and through IP PBX it will route customers to the person get detailed instructions.

Thus, an IVR system can do much more to provide unique benefits to your call center. They also collect relevant information about people calling in, even prioritize their calls, handle multiple transactions, and calls back the customer as well. If you are effectively using IVR, it can increase your first call resolution, adds to the best customer service experience, and also decrease operational costs.

Call center workforce management:

Every call center should be highly familiar with the potential of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). They are basically the measurement scale which is carefully used to evaluate some significant factors in your business. When you use them, it uncovers some smart insights into strategic & tactical changes which are required to keep the agent’s performance on the track. Call arrival times and call volumes are also best in creating a Workforce Management (WFM) strategy.

Multi-channel software integration:

When the market was overwhelmed with businesses, it was quite easy for the business owners and employees to remember the prospects by name. After all, these potential clients were regular and engage monthly, weekly, and even sometimes daily. But at call centers, it’s a bit difficult to remember the name of each customer.

But with Omni-Channel software integration, you can easily “remember” the customers who are calling in. In fact, with the help of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and desktop integration, the agents can even personalize the calls by using the contact details, or ANI (Automatic Number Identification), to highlight or screen pop the details about their user before answering them.

Blended call center agents:

Usually, a blended call center agent is being able to handle inbound as well as outbound calls. Call centers can give the blended agents more enhanced opportunities by providing cross-training to handle different tasks and duties.

For instance, a blended call center agent should know how to answer questions about two different debit cards. Generally, a call center agent may be able to answer about just one card or the other. This may prove a bit problematic for employees on a day in which 85% calls are about the first card only while other 15% is on the second card.

If you are also looking to make your call center more advanced, tech-savvy and innovative, you need to invest in the above-mentioned innovations. You can also approach the professionals at VoIP Terminator for direct communication and ideas for more enhancements.

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