//Top 5 types of automated dialing technology

Top 5 types of automated dialing technology

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Automated dialing is considered as the most emerging and crucial category of technology that provides essential productivity to sales and marketing industry. The technology is most useful for call center industry where agents are required to make multiple calls at a time for the purpose of informing people to get their services and products.

With the increase in technology adoption, the trend of using dialing technology is also getting increased as it mainly assists in sales function rather than providing support for customer care.

Dialing technology:

  1. Auto dialer:

An autodialer is the most significant technology used in outbound calls centers. Call center agents to use the computer that automatically dials multiple phone number on the list, listens to the correct tone and screen out the switched off or disconnected response. After recognizing the correct tone, it automatically plays the pre-recorded message to the voicemail system. Auto-dialers are generally used to deliver pre-recorded messages on every voicemail systems in offices or homes. But make sure, your auto dialer is perfectly free from all errors and it should not be a host of complicated problems. Therefore, the decision to rely on auto dialer software is the best thing to make robotic calls in a matter of a few minutes.

  1. Preview dialer:

A preview dialer has an ability to dial consecutive calls from the contact list which will allow your agents to ‘preview’ the record before making the call. Preview dialer will help the agents to decide if they want to proceed with the call or want to move to their next contact in the list. Calls are made consecutively one after the other, and the agents will have no idea about who is going to answer their call.

  1. Power dialer:

Power dialer is mostly used in B2B organizations and it is quite similar to a preview dialer. It is mostly used in inbound calls. If you have a power dialer installed, your users can only initiate calls if your agent is available to talk.

  1. Predictive dialer:

Predictive dialer makes a large number of calls based on the availability of your agent. Like, if there are 20 agents available and free to talk, then predictive dialer will only make 20 calls. Predictive dialers are highly recommended in outbound call centers where agents are required to make multiple calls to their prospects. That’s why choosing highly quality predictive dialers for call center business is the best thing to consider if you want to market your products and services.

  1. Click to Dial:

Click to dial is basically an outbound calling technique which is initiated by a one mouse-click on the phone number field in your system. This kind of functionality is commonly available in the CRM systems or the email systems. It simply allows the user to make a call without dialing their number.

There are still lots of dialing technologies which are assisting the call center world by providing amazing benefits to make quick sales. If you want to get more details about call center software solutions, contact the professionals at VoIP Terminator for enhanced solutions.

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