//Top 5 advantages of IP PBX vs Traditional PBX

Top 5 advantages of IP PBX vs Traditional PBX

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VoIP and IP Telephony are now bringing voice into the network, just like all other common applications that everyone is been using for years, which include email, instant messaging and database.  PBX manufacturers have just switched to IP communications and choosing protocols to communicate and efficiently integrate with different other existing applications.  These PBXs are commonly called IP-PBX because they use IP (internet protocol) for proper signaling. 

In addition, Asterisk-based IP-PBXs are also frequently available from small business start-ups, which are now changing the traditional proprietary PBX features in the PBX business market.  The IP PBX software has proved itself to be highly efficient, stable, and affordable and something that all the industry giants are looking to compete with.

Advantages of IP PBX over traditional PBX:

  • It uses LAN:

The IP-PBX business phone system usually resides on the network using your current LAN. Basically, the PBX server is just a short distance away, thus the signaling distance and time (latency) is quite short and does not depend on traveling over IP and other networks.

  • Low operational costs:

Instead of getting lower cost advantages of VoIP routing, buying your own IP-PBX will simply lower the costs over time.  So while using your hosted VoIP the starting costs will be quite reduced, but you will have to pay the monthly subscription and they may get higher with time as compared to an IP-PBX.  So, a business owned IP-PBX will generally result in reduced monthly operating costs especially for the systems that have a high number of users.

  • Easy to configure, install and setup:

Tradition PBX phone systems have quite complicated features and may seem difficult to navigate around the efficient software to install and configure.  While an IP-PBX system would be more familiar to all the tech savvy people, especially people who have a prior experience with the networks.  This is quite true in case of Asterisk-based systems which may have a front-end GUI like the FreePBX. Most of the people prefer to choose such software for their call center operations, where users need to consult with agents to tackle their issues and by using IP PBX, their call route within seconds and forwarded to the most relevant agent.

  • Easy and simple management:

The user interface and IP-PBX are more user-friendly as compared to the traditional PBX.  This may allow some easy changes and additions.

  • Easy to move phones:

Now just because your phones are IP based, they are more like PCs, you can move them from one connection to the other and can find home and connect back up to their PBX server.

IP PBX software is quite easy to install and setup. It has very low upfront costs and has multiple amazing features that simply make your small company appear much larger.  In addition, they offer great values and savings on outbound long distance calling volume, even for the one person office. If you want to setup IP PBX for your own call center, you can approach professionals at VoIP Terminator for who will help you set up the software in just a few minutes.

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