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Ringless VoiceMail Drops

Ringless voicemail is a non-intrusive technology that simply drops a voicemail directly to your voicemail box. This service will give you the flexibility to listen to your voicemail when it is convenient for you without causing any disturbance in your daily life. All you will see is a notification stating that “you have a new voicemail” without even ringing your phone. VoIP Terminator offers you Ringless Voicemail services for fulfilling your sales endeavors. This is the most powerful way of reaching out to your existing customers as well as prospects without interrupting them.

Ringless Voicemail- No Ring, Only Notification

Ringless Voicemail Solutions

Deliver voice messages to any mobile number. Up to 96% of consumers listen to their voicemail.

SMS Message Drops

Deliver an SMS with Ringless voicemail. It allows the consumer to call-back any number, while SMS can have a clickable link to a site.

Fully customized

Set-up real-time and delayed drops. Allows you to send follow-up messages 3 hours or 30-days later.

Our Pricing Plans

Choose from our eight packages

1000 messages


Effective Rate/Message = $0.05

5,000 Messages


Effective Rate/Message = $0.04

10,000 Messages


Effective Rate/Message = $0.03

50,000 Messages


Effective Rate/Message = $0.02

100,000 Messages


Effective Rate/Message = $0.0175

250,000 Messages


Effective Rate/Message = $0.015

500,000 Messages


Effective Rate/Message = $0.0135

1,000,000+ Messages

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