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Ringless VoiceMail Drops

Ringless voicemail is a non-intrusive technology that simply drops a voice message directly to your voicemail box. This service will give you the flexibility to listen to your voice mail when it is convenient for you without causing any disturbance in your daily life. All you will see is a notification stating that “you have a new voicemail” without even ringing your phone. VoIP Terminator offers you Ringless Voicemail services for fulfilling your sales endeavors. This is the most powerful way of reaching out to your existing customers as well as prospects without interrupting them.

Ringless Voicemail- No Ring, Only Notification

Ringless Voicemail Solutions

Deliver voice messages to any mobile number. Up to 96% of consumers listen to their voicemail.

SMS Message Drops

Deliver an SMS with Ringless voicemail. It allows the consumer to call-back any number, while SMS can have a clickable link to a site.

Fully customized

Set-up real-time and delayed drops. Allows you to send follow-up messages 3 hours or 30-days later.

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100,000 Messages


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250,000 Messages


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500,000 Messages


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What is Ringless VoiceMail

Ringless voicemail is a method that uses a prerecorded audio message, placed in a voice mail inbox without any associated prior telephone ringing. This method is also referred to as “voicemail drop”. In simple words, ringless voice mail works by allowing a company to deliver direct voice messages to a cellphone server without charging the customer and without making even a single ring. So instead of going through the whole traditional process of dialing ringing and then making an entrance to a system, the voice message finds itself loaded directly to the customer’s voicemail server.

The technique is generously advantageous and thus admired by debt collecting and telemarketing companies simply because the technique allows a maximum amplification of the message while staying extremely cost-effective. The reason why this feature is positioned as one the most cost-effective services is that technically, there are no calls being placed, thus no associated telephony charges need to be worried about. Furthermore, several studies show that a large proportion of customers hates being bombarded with phone calls.

According to recent research, around 96 percent of prospects check their voice messages, increasing the response rate to a soaring 80 percent. the aforementioned percentage is the highest open rate of any communication technology in the current era!

Below are some statistics gathered from recent studies:

• Ringless voicemail is potent enough to re-engage at least 20 percent of the unreachable leads
• Among the leads re-engaged with the use of voicemail drop, almost 10 percent are sure to convert even in the absence of or without any involvement of your sales team.
• 85-95 percent costumers are prone to listening to their voice messages
• In comparison to other channels used by businesses like video ads, banners, and emails, the cost of a message straight to a voice mailbox is merely a fraction of the cost, which makes it extremely effective for broad-spectrum propagation.

Benefits of Ringless Voicemail from VoIP terminator

Easy to Use

One-click is more than enough to send a prerecorded audio voice message to all of the phone numbers in your intended contact list; no rocket science involved. Furthermore, with the power of direct mail and telemarketing, instant results can be generated effortlessly. All this for a mere fraction of the cost, and nothing more. Even in comparison to a text message, in bulk, voicemail drop is seen as a much more effective medium due to its legal status, listen rate and cost-effectiveness.

Inexpensive Services

With VOIP Terminator, you can send out thousands of voice mail drops at a very inexpensive price! Buy your account from us and effortlessly route calls to any contact you want with a custom message of your own without even placing an actual phone call!

Reachability to Cell Phones and Home Phones Alike

Never use robocalls drop voice mails devoid of an actual phone call or traditional call! In the US alone, there are more than 300 million mobile phone users. Our software can create a commercial landline to server sessions directly to the telephone company’s voicemail server.

Increased Response Rate

A ringless voicemail can make your response rate soar sky-high, a whopping 80 percent! Around 96 percent of that population is likely to open and check their voicemail messages which is the highest open rate in all of the communications technologies currently operating in the world.

Comprehensive Reporting

You can download custom detailed reports and view realtime reports with only a push of a button. Get notifications and keep an eye on in-depth and detailed stats and analytics to ensure overall campaign success.

Efficient and Time-Saving

Time is money, and money is precious. Saving your time from long and hectic waits, the feature sends recorded messages to thousands of people in a matter of minutes and no man force is needed for the task.

Improved Conversions

our service gives you improved conversion rates as well as efficient lead generation going hand in hand with each other. Enhance your user engagements with our services and enjoy better conversion rates.

Low Maintenance and Non-Intrusive

With VoIP Terminator’s professional guidance and services, you can fluently commence a campaign with no worries for our market application for ringless voicemail drop is a non-intrusive one and won’t disturb you at all.

Legal Advice on Ringless Voicemail

Is ringless voicemail legal? This is a question that pops up in the heads of prospects every now and then. Different states have their own set of laws regarding RVM services, so it is better to seek legal advice before formulating a voice broadcasting campaign. People who look up the term “ringless voicemail law” usually find information about the Florida law for RVM. According to Senate Bill 568, Governor Rick Scott signed the law that unsolicited voice mail technology is explicitly banned within the vicinity of the state of Florida and jurisdiction of the Florida Law.

Although, in contrast, a federal court judge in the state of Michigan, in a published dispositive opinion was the first one to declare ringless voicemail as a “call” regulated service by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act on July 16, of the same year. The TCPA or Telephone Consumer Protection Act applies to all calls made from any automatic telephone dialing systems to caller id, although it does not differentiate between the calls that are attended by the receiver or the ones that go straight to voicemail.