//Ringless voicemail; a secret lead generation method adapted by call centers

Ringless voicemail; a secret lead generation method adapted by call centers

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Sales & marketing departments in call centers substantially spend more time making calls and leaving messages to sell their products and services. And in return, they get some unsatisfied response from most of the customers, and eventually, they have to end up their sales campaigns desperately. But now, with the help of most innovative technique introduced, call centers can use Ringless voicemail technique which is a very strong contributor to efficient sales and lead generation. Moreover, it also helps in increasing engagement and conversion rates in a short time period.

How Is Ringless voicemail an alternative to the traditional lead generation methods?

Ringless voicemail technology is still newer to the market and yet has not been adopted by many companies except call centers. The call centers who have been using the technique have witnessed higher ROI, efficient sales and conversions rates, and quick lead generation than traditional marketing methods.

Know where your target audience is;

According to the recent survey, we have gathered these facts;

  • 95% US population is using mobile phones
  • More than 91% of people carry their phones at workplaces
  • 84% of the numbers given to the organizations are mobile.

The opening rate of Ringless voicemail has been recorded as 97%, but it’s still less than the SMS opening rate, so what’s another point which makes the Ringless voicemail a better choice.

  • Very simpler and fewer opt-in requirements
  • No charges to the recipient
  • Begins an interactive human conversation through which they have the option to generate more leads.

While there are many people who still expect those communication channels that offer them excellent automated experience, but still there are many who prefer human interaction throughout the sales process. Therefore, Ringless voicemail looks like a better option because of its listening and responsive rate.

For instance, if an agent drops Ringless voicemail to the distribution list to simplify his cold calling prospects. Then he won’t need to worry about calling at the right time or remembering the reliable parts of the pitch. You can simply record a one targeted message, complete with the call-to-action to incentivize a response, and then save on the accurate before leaving voicemails at a time.

There is no negative association with Ringless voicemail solutions because you won’t miss any calls, or the message won’t intrude your daily schedule. They will simply save at the backend of your phone and the recipient can check it later when he gets some free time.

How Is Ringless voicemail useful for businesses?

  • It’s a useful channel for brand engagement, lead nurturing and lead generation
  • Confirm scheduling and daily appointments
  • Drop voicemail messages to trigger engagement
  • Communicate with employees in the field without interrupting

Therefore, implementing a Ringless voicemail strategy to their traditional marketing strategy can save maximum time, resources and also increase ROI for your campaigns. If you need more help in implementation or looking for a detailed guide, you can consult with the professionals of  VoIP Terminator for more guidelines.

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