//Next generation call centers- Advanced technology, customer centric and support Omni channel

Next generation call centers- Advanced technology, customer centric and support Omni channel

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The traditional concept of a call center brings that image to our minds like- a large room, cubicles arranged in an ordered way, call center agents are sitting next to each other before a computer with headphones, different voices echoing in the hall, managers running around and monitoring the performance, and clients are still waiting in queues. But the point is, is it possible to bring the highest levels of satisfaction with this setup? If no, then how does the next generation call center will look like?

According to the analysis, the next generation call centers and customer engagement operations are completely virtual with the help of omnichannel – or a multichannel approach that will offer customers with highly-advanced customer support experiences. That’s why using advanced call center solutions for providing exceptional customer support is the preliminary element to be considered for the next generation call centers.

The exponential increase in using smartphone apps:

We have witnessed that the smartphone has now become one of the most important tools for both professional & personal interaction. So, it’s useless to say that using smartphones is going to tremendously increase with the wide variety of technologies or apps being piled onto the single small device. The next generation of call centers can easily leverage different kinds of mobile apps in multiple ways. When the user will become a customer, the app will be installed on his phone that will capture the entire context like his ID, product etc. This app will be used to push certain notifications of order, such as upcoming bills, payment notifications as well as the repair status in addition to training material and tutorial videos.

So, if the users will need any kind of help or support, all they would do is just call through this app. After that, this app will do a local interactive voice response (IVR) and find out the reason for calling. Then it will call back the customer on their appropriate number. This app would even forward the context around the user’s inquiry without the user having to explain the details so customer agents will get straight to the issue.

Mobile agents:

Today’s advanced technologies enable call center agents to work remotely from anywhere in the world; the virtual call center agents can do multitasking while being mobile. Like if someone is working as a store agent, he can work remotely in flexible hours as an agent when he is not engaged with his store customer. And if someone is a repair technician, he can act like a technical consultant when he drives from one location to another. In that way, the agent’s phone will track his location as well as the availability status and will make them available when needed. Managers can also use the personalized mobile analytics in order to track the activity of his agents.

Predictive analytics of customer behavior:

In today’s business, monitoring to your competitor is just a single click away. Predicting your customers’ needs always provide you with the right solutions even before they realize anything or ask for what should be in a long way in creating a strong and loyal customer base. Data is the most important thing that must be everywhere, but businesses who tend to use it in the best way always win more customers. Call centers usually generate a great data from multiple endpoints and different applications. So, systems such as automatic call distribution (ACD), emails, chat, IVR, speech analytics, text analytics, customer relationship management (CRM) and social media generate high volumes of data. This data can be simply integrated into the single customer 360o record which can then be used to track, analyze and predict the behavior of the customer.

Customers are now changing and adapting the way of communication. Traditional call centers are required to pick the above-mentioned paradigms if they really want to keep the customers happy in this fastest growing digital age. If you need more information on current call center trends, visit VoIP Terminator and consult professionals for more details.

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