//Marketing to Millennials- Avoid these Call center Mistakes while Interacting with Millennials

Marketing to Millennials- Avoid these Call center Mistakes while Interacting with Millennials

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Millennial customers are not lacking options when it comes to choosing the best brands. Our first generations have risen on digital tools; and grew their ability to find and search among millions of search results. But this attitude has fundamentally changed the overall nature of relationships the brands, as people prefer to choose experience over the functionality. So, the 1:1 relationship, such as the millennials interactions with brands are more important than whatever your brand is selling. And especially when it comes to calling center industry, where people have to communicate with thousands of users daily, they really need to maintain their reputation and avoid the mistakes that can harm their brand’s worth.

Neglecting the power of Omnichannel strategy:

As we have the multitude of channels available today for the consumers such as email, chat and social media, so one of the major mistakes most of the call centers make, they prioritize their voice-first strategy. They fail to offer the most appropriate tools and sets of options for engaging their users immediately. It puts the call centers at the disadvantage; especially when considering that there are only 35% of the millennials choose to contact the live agent. While older generations do still respond well to voice, contact centers need an omnichannel strategy to meet the expectations of this growing audience. That’s why choosing a better call center software solution is a good option to consider they are already well-equipped with everything the millennials need for a better experience.

Prioritizing the human touch over artificial intelligence tools:

Most of the experts these days have agreed that artificial intelligence such as chatbots would prove to be a highly effective tool boosting the call center operations. Therefore, all the call centers are required to be very careful about leaning on such techniques and tools or might face the risk of having opposing effects.

Moreover, the major priority for millennials is, when they connect and engage with the customer service representatives, their issues could be resolved quickly by just telling few random details. Though different channels such as social media, chat or messaging, are just the automation tools and they are shepherding the user in the right direction always. So the chances are, the users will get frustrated soon.  Call centers always rely on the perfect infrastructure that can identify the self-service or AI-powered interaction tools to route the user to the live agent.

Appropriate channels for follow up

Millennials tend to review their relationship with businesses as exactly like it’s a real relationship. However, it’s important to think strategically about which platforms you’re applying to various situations, as there is no real solution while applying millennials. It’s important to look at the type of follow up you want to conduct. Such as, is it some survey looking for a feedback on some recent interaction? An email is also an appropriate option.

You should also match the appropriate channel for the nature of your outreach in order to demonstrate to your client that you are well-aware about their preferences, and are trying to provide a better user experience.

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