//Importance of real-time monitoring in call centers

Importance of real-time monitoring in call centers

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Achieving best service levels is one of the most significant deliverables for a call center. No matter if your call center is focused on customers’ service, sales or technical support; the ability of the users to get quick access to your services is what keeps your business growing efficiently. Service levels usually measured monthly, but in such strict environments, achieving highest standards consistently throughout the month is considered as the secondary target.

What is real-time monitoring?

Real-time monitoring in call center industry basically refers to that efficient software and tools that enable the supervisors to track the agent calls when they are carried out. Real-time monitoring solutions always provide the managers with detailed call analytics, user dashboards, alerts & tracks speech patterns and language details such as profane language, the escalation attempts, the compliance violations or the customer sentiment. Real-time monitoring leverages voice analytics to provide call centers with complete call coverage.

The transcript of the call is automatically generated in real time and then call playback solution is all available to the managers who can be able to check out the problem situations. In call center industry, the real-time monitoring is extremely an effective way to track your agent performance than listening to the small sample of agent calls every week that can analyze the performance and monitor for compliance. Therefore, choosing reliable call center software solutions for your business could be the best way to monitor both the user and the agents.

Why is real-time monitoring important in call centers?

With real-time monitoring software, the call center managers can immediately check the customer service issues as soon as they happen, as compared to finding the issues after the call has ended. The system would simply monitor in-progress calls for the defined language and then acoustic characteristics which include the escalation attempts, offensive language, profanity, and high emotions and alert the managers that the negative customer service situation has occurred. Managers can be able to identify the customers at risk, they can take several proactive steps that can resolve the issues and then retain those prospects and customers. By saving the calls while they are still in progress the caller always leaves in a satisfied manner, as compared to the frustration and defeat.

Call monitoring best practices:

  • Go beyond the metrics: Most of the times, the managers tend to focus on different metrics such as average call handling time or the wrap-up time. Sometimes those metrics usually looks valuable up to the point, they also look much limited and do not give us a clear idea of the agent’s Real-time call monitoring lets you get beyond the metrics and then give you a proper insight into different things such as the language best-performing agents are using which is quite valuable than a simple metric like the average call handling time.
  • Reward best performers: Call monitoring software basically helps you stay on top of some common issues such as compliance, risky language, and escalation attempts. However, you must not use the real-time monitoring as the basic tool in order to keep the tabs on your call center If you are spending all the time in choosing some negative aspects of your agent’s duties, then you will just drain the efforts and their enthusiasm while performing certain tasks.

Your call monitoring policy should also be the part of your training program where agents can evaluate how they are going to be monitored. If you want to know more updates on real-time monitoring, you can also get in touch with VoIP Terminator professionals to seek expert advice.

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