//Implementation of Artificial Intelligence and cloud based call center solutions for extensive growth

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence and cloud based call center solutions for extensive growth

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Today most of the call center owners are quick to see the various benefits offered by advanced solutions. These solutions have many engaging customer experiences while positively impacting the business outcomes. In a call center environment where customer expectations evolve rapidly with growing technologies and scalability is considered as the key to survival, the cloud-based platforms have emerged to set all new standards for higher satisfaction.

As call centers are continued to become the efficient drivers of growth & development, there are some essential quantitative and qualitative outcomes to consider.

Using artificial intelligence tools reduce costs and handling time:

Artificial intelligence is continued to transform the way businesses are engaging clients and customers, call centers are still learning the ways to leverage the next generation technologies. Some businesses have now turned to AI to empower their virtual agents, self-service channels and robots. By deploying advanced cloud-based call center solutions, companies are seamlessly able to integrate their virtual agents with essential long-term benefits which might include:

  • Removed more than 30% of calls from the live agent queues
  • Decreased the average call handling time by almost 10%
  • Enhanced average call answering speed by over 60% at its peak times
  • Total costs saved more than $300,00 in a year

The overall practical and strategic value of a virtual call center is its ability to address various calls when there are wait times. So, rather than keeping their callers on hold, which is the most commonly cited pain point for call centers- the issues can be resolved efficiently and more quickly.

Preparing to offer the best customer experiences in the future:

The cloud-based call centers usually offer matchless flexibility, user-friendly approach, and higher scalability. This is quite critical to the success in this latest age of rapid-fire changes in user expectations. Therefore, when gaining access to the AI technology on your open cloud-based customer experience platform, different call center businesses such as VoIP Terminator can be able to support and grow their global customer base in short time period. In fact, over the course of using their services, the businesses can expand their customer base from 4-5 million. This kind of instant growth generally needs to be underpinned by the whole customer service infrastructure which is an open, user-friendly, scalable and flexible.

So, along with the different financial benefits, it creates meaningful and authentic connections which help all the brands stay ahead of the competition in this increasingly competitive economy.

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