//How to setup a virtual call center?

How to setup a virtual call center?

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The call center is one of the most prominent platforms to generate sales that’s why virtual call center business is booming. So what is a virtual call center?

A Virtual call center is a cost-efficient contact center where agents work remotely for a company to provide sales calling or support services. For instance, HealthOne is an insurance company in the United States that is offering healthcare insurance to its customers; the company could generate sales by making calls to different people in order to sell their insurance plans. But opening a call center is very expensive in the United States. The best possible solution for them is to outsource their call center where labor is affordable. That outsourced call center is called the virtual call center.


The call centers are mainly of three types namely inbound, outbound and blended, but most call centers deal with inbound or outbound. So before jumping into this business, you should identify which type of call center you want to set up.

  • Inbound call center: for an inbound call center, you will be receiving calls for support, helps and queries.
  • Outbound call center: Outbound call centers often focus on sales and lead generation, where you can convince people to choose your services/products.
  • Blended: It is a mix of Inbound and Outbound i.e. it focuses on receiving calls as well as making calls.

Why should you set up a call center?

There are numerous benefits of call centers such as

  • Good money: Why you start a business? For money right! Companies pay high commissions if you make sales in this business. The best reason to jump in.
  • Availability and easy to upgrade: Call center solutions and software are widely available and they are quite easy to upgrade.
  • Mobility: You can take the calls from any location.
  • Highly scalable: You can easily calculate the merits and demerits, track performances and monitor the reports.

Call Center Campaign

In order to set up your call center, you need a campaign from a company which is willing to outsource its call center. You can get it by approaching different companies through email or by visiting their office overseas.

Setting up your call center

Setting up your call center only takes a smart strategy and a bit of hard work.  The important thing you will need to do is make your business plan. For instance, HealthOne has outsourced sales campaign to VoIP Terminator which is a call center. So it will be an outbound call center that generates sales by cold calling homeowners. For this business plan, you will need to figure out how many call center agents you will need first, how much it will cost you to start up, what would be the tax limits, what tools & software you will be using.

Software and Services Required for Outbound Call Center

  • VoIP Service: Every virtual call center requires VoIP. It is a technology that makes voice calls using broadband internet connection instead of a regular phone line. In addition to that, it is very cost effective.
  • Dialer Software: Dialer is an automated telephone dialing system that helps agents to make multiple outbound calls from a database of phone numbers. It runs on VoIP Service. It is also called Virtual call center software.
  • Data: After you have VoIP and call center software (Dialer), you need call center data. Data means call center leads, which are basically the database of phone numbers that are dialed by call center agents.

You can set up, maintain and configure all the above with the help of VoIP service providers.

Estimates and funds

And last, but not the least, you need to make some rough estimates for all the profits, and how much manpower you can afford. You also need to consider the extra funds to launch and explore the ways where you could get this money from. Sometimes, people also check with their financial planner to get the idea about finances in a more efficient way.

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