//How to increase lead generation with Voice Broadcasting and Ringless Voicemail solutions?

How to increase lead generation with Voice Broadcasting and Ringless Voicemail solutions?

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It won’t be wrong to believe that the current market is fully saturated with several tools, techniques, and software; which are making it impossible to choose the best method for lead generation.

Today, I am sharing two major technologies which are considered under the category of direct marketing- the Ringless Voicemail drop solutions and Voice Broadcasting. Both of these techniques can amplify the lead generation process without spending enough time & money.

Voice broadcasting:

Voice Broadcasts are the recorded messages which help the customer keep updated in real-time. They are the pre-recorded messages with no agent present live on the phone line. Voice Broadcasting is also referred to as the “press one” campaign. Thus, the voice broadcasting system calls the user, plays a message, for instance, a weather update in case of emergency alert for the complicated situations. Like, “This is the Virginia Weather Department. According to the predictions, the storm is approaching the southern coast of Virginia and is expected to make landfall at around 1800 hours. Commuters and residents are requested to stay alert and find shelter immediately. For more updates ‘press 1’ to connect with the live agent.”

This innovative communication method looks very favorable. It ultimately saves you from the troubles of dialing a long list of numbers.

You don’t even need to make hundreds of cold calls to people to inform them about the special event. It will eventually save you a lot of time and money in the long run. However, in case of emergency services like the above-mentioned example, the Voice Broadcasting is the more efficient and quicker way to get the message across to the massive audience.

Ringless voicemail drops:

Ringless voicemail simply drops a voicemail directly into the user’s voicemail box without even ringing their mobile phones. They can listen to that message whenever they get some free time.

As compared to cold calling, you don’t get the satisfied answer from your customers. But when you choose the Ringless Voicemail drop solutions, your messages can easily the targeted customer in no minutes. The listen rate will be higher which ensures that your message is being carefully heard. Another amazing aspect is, the technology is quite inexpensive and affordable for every small business as compared to the other traditional or web advertising techniques. The service also prevents you from being the ‘harassing’ Tele-caller that usually puts off the consumers and the irritation which may result from the action is the major reasons why so many leads waste and go unproductive.

So, if you have a well-organized database of lists, the leads will be just waiting to be reached to the right caller. Therefore, by using the blend of Voice broadcasting and the Ringless Voicemail, it’s possible to approach more clients and prospects with maximum chances of converting them to potential buyers. Both of these methods can simply increase the leads, can get more callbacks, and ultimately enhance the value of your brand among a large group of competitors.

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