//How to increase call center conversions with visual engagement tools?

How to increase call center conversions with visual engagement tools?

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Online shopping industry has now been revolutionized in past few years, and it’s creating more ease & comfort for the users while also allowing the retailers to influence and track the buying procedures effectively reshaping where and when and users can interact with their brand.

Yet, it’s also true that all the progress has now created different new sets of sales challenges. So, a complete understanding of all such e-commerce obstacles is usually the key towards improving sales and conversions which also drives a good customer journey, deliver more useful conversions, and simply garnering the best level of success for their brand.

Using video chat as a sales tool:

You must be highly familiar with Skype and Facetime and have realized that video chat can simply enable your sales representative to help the user face to face during the buying process, so the interaction will eventually become a personal session with your sales agents. This type of basic visual communication can simply build a great sense of trust and transparency, as well as it effectively improves your customer satisfaction and then ultimately creates better sales conversion. For example, B2B buyers can take maximum benefits from video chat, as it builds a great rapport with personal interaction.

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Co-browsing and screen sharing:

Co-browsing and screen sharing simply allow sales agents to see and interact with their user’s screen in real time. By choosing this technique, agents can easily guide them visually guiding with different product inventory and images, through online processes, web forms, tutorials, demo, and transactions.

Sales agents can also move the mouse around, point something specific at their customer’s browser, highlight some detailed information and annotate them accordingly. The technology can make the customer experience easy, and reduce friction, abandonment, and frustration. This is an example of implementing advanced call center solutions which can help agents to increase their sales conversions.


Augmented reality solutions:

The ability to share different physical objects, spaces and multiple images on your mobile devices, which enable customers to merge your virtual and physical world by also merging objects with their physical surroundings or images. It enables them to try before buying and removing any kind of uncertainty from the decision-making process. Augmented reality offer businesses to bring the store experience to their users wherever they are, allow the complete virtualization prior to purchase.

AR in store:

There is a great number of retailers which have integrated AR technology into the in-store experience. Mobile app-driven technology usually encourages most of the engagement with in-store signage, displays and various physical elements on site. For example, instead of depending upon the customer’s mobile devices, retailers can also incorporate augmented reality into their in-store window displays or mirrors.

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Using visualization in your sales process simply prevents buyer uncertainty, decreases their cart abandonment, lessens the excessive returns and above all, it helps to deliver a great visual experience that helps agents close the sale in short time. If you want to know some more easy techniques, you can simply consult with the professionals of VoIP terminator as they can guide you well about different challenges to close sales.

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