//How emerging technologies could change the way call centers operate?

How emerging technologies could change the way call centers operate?

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Call centers have shifted from the old phone bank systems to the departments that offer different types of customer support services with the help of various integrated digital channels. Thus, the latest technologies are continued to shape how businesses will interact with buyers and clients and will create new platforms for communication and opportunities to provide some more personalized customer journey.

The trend of Omnichannel solutions:

In the past few years, customers used to contact call center agent and keep connected until the issue is resolved.

But the trend has changed for today. Now, it’s not new for the consumers to start a conversation with one of your agents through the chat feature on your business site. They can even switch to the video session for detailed help and can follow up after a day by using their Smartphones.

So, considering an innovative Omnichannel approach for your call center can simply tie together all the data from all multiple channels to offer a more seamless and highly consistent customer experience.

By utilizing an Omnichannel solution, all the details from the channels your consumers use, such as email, chat, social media, or even visit your location would be simply directed to one queue. The call center agents would have complete access to the data from every single interaction with the user, no matter how contact was started first.

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IoT offers new communication platforms and insights into user behavior:

Investment in IoT (Internet of things) is probably not about connecting things and technology.

The impact these IoT devices could have on customer support services is enormous. The user behaviors, insights, and interaction derived from such connection can always offer you the value to the business and, eventually, to your customers.

For instance, it could mean connecting to the users through different innovative devices and utilizing the data gathered to improve the customer support processes. Users’ calls can be resolved quickly, and customer wait times could drop easily as well.

Web real-time communications:

Different interactive channels can simply improve your call center experience for both consumers and agents. But most of these enhancements ask users to download various browser plug-ins or relevant software. Thus, when users call in with different problems or concerns, you won’t be required to have them wait on a download.

Web Real-Time Communications is basically a comprehensive set of protocols that mainly enable the software programs to connect with each other in real time with the help of a standard web browser or mobile application. This also allows online functionality such as voice, video, chat and email interaction without needing the user’s customers to download add-ins or some other apps. It even makes it possible for users to use microphones and cameras on their smartphones to capture problems and issues for the call center agents.

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Different innovative techniques, emerging technologies and call center solutions can efficiently help connect your customers with your product or services. It also reduces costs, and help the call center agents deliver an excellent experience.

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