//How can Best VoIP Service Maximize Agent’s Productivity in a Call Center?

How can Best VoIP Service Maximize Agent’s Productivity in a Call Center?

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Flexibility, viability, and sustainability of a call center always depend upon great customer services. Most of the businesses strive to enhance their productivity and profitability in a short time period, but for call centers, it is quite hard to work in the same manner.  Companies can achieve their objectives using multiple ways such as they can reduce some overhead costs, eliminate unnecessary labor work, and increase productivity using various modern tools and techniques.

Therefore, whether you are running a small or large scale call center, using several beneficial technologies can play an important role in running the operations smoothly. Some of the call centers prefer using virtual call center software, but others look for a better solution such as using the best VoIP service to streamline their operations.

There are different highlights of best VoIP services that help enhance agent’s productivity and profitability.

Predictive dialer:                            

A predictive dialer is a smart technology that can automatically connect thousands of calls if the agent is available to talk. The software simply screens out disconnected calls, busy signals and answering machines while efficiently predicting at what point a human agent can be able to communicate with the customer.

Here’s how predictive dialer can enhance agent’s productivity:

  • VoIP service usually comes equipped with the predictive dialer software which automatically enhances the reputation and agents can work collaboratively
  • It simply improves the efficiency and productivity of each agent by keeping them engage with customers.
  • It distributes and assigns calls to available agents

IVR technology:

When you call out to the call center agent, you just hear a one professional voice instructing “press 1 for credit details” or “press 2 to talk with our representative”. The voice behind this software is due to the IVR technology which guides customers to resolve inquiries without the agent’s help.

Here’s how it doubles and even triples the agent’s productivity;

  • It significantly improves the professionalism in our call center agents.
  • The call can be routed to the desired agent and customer support services can be enhanced as well.
  • The system looks highly customized and one can be able to make different changing in the messages as per requirement.

Call screening technology:

Utilizing best VoIP services, call limitations can be easily decreased down to the extent through which an agent can control all the incoming calls; in fact, they can make a choice regarding incoming calls. Now, either you can forward the call to the voice box, choose call holding or answering option, everything can be done with the help of this feature.

Here’s how call screening helps enhance agent productivity;

  • The supervisor or manager can able to focus on some particular goals by ensuring all the calls are simply forwarded to the relevant agents.
  • You can also block all the calls for an hour to get any desired result.
  • Prioritize the activity or set the targets for call center agents with the guidance of VoIP providers.

Final thoughts:

Deploying right call center technology and software with various useful features can make the working flow easier for agents and customers as well. VoIP is quite popular among all the major software due to its incredible features listed above. There are still loads of features to explore, if you want to know more about them, you can read our blog and keep yourself updated regarding the latest trends and technologies.

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