//Hosted vs installed VoIP; which is right for your call center?

Hosted vs installed VoIP; which is right for your call center?

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When you make the decision to replace your traditional phone system with VoIP solutions, you need to decide between the hosted service or an on-premise installation for your small call center business. Both of these methods have multiple pros & cons, and just like other technologies, one type of solution is not inherently efficient than other. Many small call centers and small businesses prefer the scalability of the hosted VoIP solutions, while other companies select some greater control and customization of the premise-based VoIP phone system.

There is a vast range of call center management, monitoring, reporting, messaging, conferencing tools, and security features which look standard among both methods. Let’s explore which solution is right for your business.

VoIP installation & management:

The main difference between these two types of VoIP systems is whether this solution is installed on your local network or accessed over the Internet as a hosted service. The VoIP system mainly runs on the infrastructure and also connected with the public switched telephone network (PSTN), so your IT staff or the partners can be responsible for installing not only the VoIP services but will also upgrade the routers that can be simply used as a voice gateway to support your phone system. By choosing hosted VoIP, you will not have to upgrade your router, as the voice gateway will be the main part of your provider’s network. Thus, some hosted VoIP services will also let you make your calls as long as you have an IP phone connected to your network. Both types of solutions require a high-speed Internet connection that can be efficient enough to the voice traffic, depending on the present bandwidth and voice traffic patterns.


It’s smart to choose hosted VoIP if you have any peak months and when multiple users need a phone system, as some large number of temporary employees, is hired for the holidays. It’s good to add different users with the hosted solution than the already installed one. As VoIP services have the capability to connect to the Internet, so most of the service providers tend to allow you increasing the total number of users with some few random clicks on the account page. Addition of new VoIP phones to the on premise-based solution also involves the installation of network and the complete phone system equipment, which can make it much difficult to scale than hosted.

Costs structure:

The initial costs and the monthly fees are usually different between the hosted and installed VoIP solutions. Because the installed system will need the initial purchase fee for your solutions; which also include the hardware and software costs and you will also need to spend something on professional consulting and setup or installation fees from your vendor.

So whether you decide to choose a hosted VoIP solution or a premise-based option, you will need to consult with the best providers at VoIP Terminator where you will seek an expert advice and reliable solutions.

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