//Future of a call center; how call centers will look in 2028

Future of a call center; how call centers will look in 2028

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With the advent of the internet, we can feel an intense competition in the global marketplace. We can see new technologies, tools, and innovations every day that are making our life easier as compared to the past few years. Thus, every company is searching for a strong edge in order to survive and improve the worth of their brand. Therefore, with the growth of different IT companies and the latest technologies, we can have a look at the future of call center industry and see how they could flourish more to win the competition. 

Below is a quick look into the future that how call centers will look like in 2028?

The human replacement with Robots:

After 10 years, when you will contact any call center, the first voice you will hear ‘Hello I am Andy, and I am a robot, how can I help you?

Actually, the merging of smart call center software with the human agents is taking place since 2014. In 2028, it would be even more difficult to recognize the difference between the computer and the human agent. It’s looking like it would be quite surprising to the customer but they won’t care. Auto attendants are already handling multiple calls, but still, they have not replaced the human agent. But after 10 more years, you are more likely to enjoy robotic communication which is going to replace the presence of human agents.

Currently, only 7% customers have rated automated systems much better than human agents, but that percentage is going to increase in future; as the intelligent software will be getting improved in reading the person’s emotional states and context of their issues.

Development of call recognition software:

Every time when we contact call center agents, we need to introduce our self, verify and prove our identity; we need to tell them the problem and provide our private information as well. There are only 3% calls that are handled by automation and customers don’t need to provide anything.  According to research, it has found that most of the call centers are spending approximately $12.4 billion annually in only verifying that who is the caller and what issues they are facing.

But in the near future, all the call centers would be efficiently able to re-capture some of the lost revenue with the help of recognition software. This call recognition software will welcome the customers by their name, bypass the irritating process of their identification and verification; and will spend the time in catering to the needs of their customers. This software will not only helpful in increasing customer satisfaction but can also save their time and money.

Improvement in best customer service:

The scope of improvement in customer services has been increasing day by day. There will be two keys to create the best customer services. First, the improvement in messaging platforms, in which people will prefer to choose text communications over phone calls. They won’t need to hear the endless music or IVR’s. Secondly, people will prefer to use chatbot which will conduct their whole communication through auditory or textual methods.

The face of the call centers is rapidly changing. There are lots of new technologies and trends introduced which are contributing to the growth of the call center industry.

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