//Everything you need to know about Ringless Voicemail Drops

Everything you need to know about Ringless Voicemail Drops

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In the past few months, you might have been noticed that you are getting the voicemails from different telemarketing companies. You have also noticed that your voicemails are waiting in the voicemail box, even you have not received the missed calls. So, when you open those voicemails, you hear something like that; ‘We have a new offer for you, please call back for more details’. This practice is called “ringless voicemail drops” in the telemarketing or call center industry.

Ringless Voicemail is basically considered as a whole new advertising technique in call centers and telemarketing industries. It is now becoming an effective medium in the US for generating maximum inbound calls. According to an estimate, there are almost 95% of recipients’ who listen to the voicemail message daily in their voicemail box.

How it works:

Ringless voicemail technique simply drops the audio message into the voice mailbox of your recipient’s contact number. The service is compliant with the FCC & FTC regulations. This service does not send any calls to mobile phone, instead, it accesses the mobile carrier “backdoors”. They drop that audio message into the mobile’s voicemail account. The recipient’s mobile will never ring or called. The message will only appear in the user’s voice mailbox within a couple of seconds the message being sent.

Benefits of using Ringless Voicemail Drops:

  • The consumer will never be interrupted
  • Recipients can listen to the voicemail whenever they get free time
  • No charges for receiving a voicemail from a company
  • Call centers and telemarketing companies can receive inbound calls in a high
  • It is a personalized way of receiving a message, the information can be passed in details which reduces the chances of any error.

What types of messages can be sent using ringless voicemail drops?

It’s possible to send any type of messages which include an invitation, press release, event reminders, launch of new service or product, and even much more than that. The major difference is that it would be sent in the form of audio messaging.

Older technology with the pinch of the modern method:

Ringless voicemail is the same old technology that transmits the sound efficiently. But here the twist is, you can receive messages in audio form instead of the direct voice calls. Companies directly transfer the calls to phones of their prospective clients and the caller gets those calls whenever they are free.

According to research, human senses feel more compelled when they get something in audio form. Therefore, telemarketing companies and large-scale businesses are now opting for this voicemail technique which is recorded by the system and is totally computer-generated. After that, they broadcast the message to every system in their contact list.

Ringless messaging open rates as compared to other mediums:

  • Ringless voicemail open rates= 96%
  • SMS open rates= 87%
  • Call center agent live call attending rates= 54%
  • Voice broadcast listens rate= 39%
  • Email ad opening rates= 23%

As you can see, ringless voicemail open rates are higher as compared to other digital mediums; therefore, ringless voicemail can be easily targeted to different cities and countries regardless of their users’ preferred choice.

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