//Case Study: CallNova

Case Study: CallNova

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Secrets of a long-term success in your call center business

Last week, I introduced you to the topic ‘How to set up a virtual call center’. If you didn’t get a chance to read the article, you can do it here

Today, with the help of this case study I will expand a bit further on the above-mentioned topic and will guide you to the real secrets of getting a long-term success in your call center business. This is a story of “CallNova” which is a 3 years old call center and experiencing some complicated problems.

Problem statement:

CallNova is call center in the Philippines which provides telemarketing services to different multinational companies. Since inception, the company is struggling to grow and have never noticed more than 30% growth in one financial year. Their clients were complaining about poor call quality issues. The company was losing clients due to this issue which was affecting their brand name as well.


In 3 year duration, the company experienced several challenges but failed to overcome as they had least ideas to beat their competitors who were generating 2 times higher revenue as compared to their company.

Some of these challenges were:

  • They lack voice quality issues.
  • The plan was needed that can strengthen the roots of their business.
  • They were using one of the best CRM’s in the world, but they were the least technical to understand how to use this software properly.


They hired our services to kick-start their operations efficiently. Our plan included a detailed study of how a cloud-based call center solution can help them fix their problems along with the help of high-quality VoIP. We have proposed these solutions to CallNova:

There are many reliable VoIP solution providers that can offer you smart VoIP services which can work wonders and ease voice quality issues. In addition to that, they can set up a managed call center software in just 20 minutes, which is the real secret of success for many companies working out there. Choosing a cloud-based platform, the overall structure will look easier to handle as they can provide you with timely reports & analytics and you can track the on-going progress of your business. In addition, you don’t need to involve yourself in technical issues, as the professionals are already reliable enough to cope with the technicalities.


After getting reliable VoIP services, they noticed instant progress within 24 hours.

After 2-3 months, the situation was:

  • They hired 70 candidates with highly attractive salary packages
  • The revenue generation was exceeded to 30% in just two months.
  • Customer feedback was improved to 75% (which was 45% before)

These outcomes indicate that it is the best time to mainstream the progress; and if you want to expand further, you need to choose the most reliable VoIP solutions from professional service providers.

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