//Call center technology predictions for 2019 and onward

Call center technology predictions for 2019 and onward

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As the digital age is continuing to progress, the world of call centers will experience even more dynamic revolutions. Because every call center environment is complex according to the tools and technologies they are using. As customers are continued to increase their needs and expectations, so the responsibilities of call centers are also changing rapidly with the passage of time. Now the same thing is happening with the technology which is revolutionizing the way call centers operate.

Here are some call center technologies predictions indicated that may help the industry to grow more efficiently.

More organizations will begin to realize the importance:

The tremendous increase in popularity of digital interactions basically means that, in 2019 and onwards, the call center team and management will redefine the value of the call center to an organization. There will be some companies that will start looking for latest tools and techniques which allow them to define an exceptional multichannel journey that can be simply adapted in real time; without the need to go through the IT department.

More call centers will consider switching to ‘cloud’:

Today, many call centers are simply dealing with two major challenges. On the one hand, there are increasing volumes of digital interactions. And on the other side, the customer experience has now become more essential than ever for successful brand recognition. There are 88% of professionals who believe that digital trends will soon overtake voice communications. So, if this is the case, cloud adoption is most likely to increase in few upcoming years. Almost all the call centers will prefer to choose cloud-based call center solutions where everything will be hosted in the cloud by a VoIP provider. By doing this, the agents can have multichannel functionality and many more amazing features to run the operations smoothly.

 Use of messaging apps to provide efficient customer experience:

The emergence of new apps and social platforms will become the popular choice in the call center industry. For example, WhatsApp is the best example of a channel that is now taken off rapidly and is becoming an important need for better customer service. This might increase in the next year. Businesses who prefer to choose different messaging apps in order to enhance productivity and improve the services can easily differentiate themselves in the market and can gain a better competitive edge. For instance, the use of Facebook Messenger, offer the biggest and most comprehensive support to the well-known companies around the world.

Use of speech analytics will increase:   

As there are a lot of companies who tend to increase their focus on the better customer journey, so there will be more & more companies emerge who will be looking for a raw data from their phone calls with potential clients; to find out the ways to enhance the customer experience. According to the recent report, there are almost 80% of consumers who are more loyal to their company when they offer exceptional customer service. So according to this report, call centers could invest in speech analytics software as this technology can help better to reveal some recently made complaints and the common reasons why consumers contact your business.

Call centers should invest more in the latest tools and technologies to boost their productivity and to increase brand recognition. As these technologies can address common pinch points and help you deal with complex queries.

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