//All you need to know about Omni Channel customer service

All you need to know about Omni Channel customer service

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Have you ever wondered what is the reason behind the success of Omnichannel customer services? Do you know the difference between multichannel and Omnichannel customer services? If yes, then this article is quite helpful for you. As we are going to shed some light on what omnichannel is why it is much better than multichannel support, and when it’s a good time to consider using it.

What is the Omnichannel?

As we all know that Omnichannel is not similar to a multichannel. Multichannel has been present around longer than the omnichannel. The actual difference between these two is very simple. A call center provides multichannel customer support when their system routes and the agents need to deal with multiple contacts in various channels like the voice, email, chat, social media, video in succession, such as one after the other. For example, if your agents will start their day handling the chat interaction with one person- Stuart, then after the interaction is wrapped up; the agent will go further to handle a call with another person Kevin. After that, he will go onto handle an email with George, and so on.

Advantages of Omnichannel customer services over multichannel:

  • In the case of an omnichannel customer support, the agents are generally able to several interactions with hundreds of customers and using multiple channels  For example, the agent is dealing with two chat interactions, one with Carl and the other with John, while he is also working on four emails from Bob, George, Kevin, and Stuart. In addition, the call center agent is also available to respond to the incoming call from Philip. Therefore, the greatest advantage associated with such omnichannel call center solution is a great increase in agent productivity; but the other advantage of handling concurrent calls for the call center environment is that your agents will be available to handle voice calls as well without the need to pause, or otherwise temporarily “get out of” the interaction they have been managing.
  • The second major difference is known as “elevation”. In this case, you are empowering your agents to utilize more than more channel to an existing interaction with a customer. The agents can simply turn the interaction started in just one channel into an omnichannel session.

In a multichannel customer support system, the agent can simply be available to schedule the outbound call for “later”, or can even reserve that the interaction for himself. And in an omnichannel environment, the agent can simply call the person right away without disconnecting his chat interaction. In fact, he can keep it open because it provides an ample background on the problem the customer is experiencing. The can also add another channel – voice, to the existing interaction.

Omnichannel support helps you in reducing complexity, decrease customer effort and optimizes your call center handling. So, empowering your call center to consistently deliver excellent customer experiences regardless of any channel is the first thing to consider for your business. If you still have questions in mind, you can consult with the professionals of VoIP Terminator for more guidance.

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