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Providing Call Center Solutions Since 2007

VoIP Terminator (VT) is offering advanced call center solutions from small to medium scale businesses. We are focused on providing multi-channel solutions and right communication tools that help in improving the customer experience.

What We Offer

At VoIP Terminator we offer a world of wholesale VoIP services to a variety of business segments. Our current main solutions include A-Z VoIP Termination (including a Call Center Dialer and Short Duration Termination), VoIP SIP Origination, IP-PBX and an Automatic Dialer solution.

We would be happy to tailor a custom plan according to your business’ needs, whatever the call volume or destination. You are welcome to explore the rest of our website and learn more about the full range of our services.

Our International Reach

VoIP Terminator is a leading global provider of wholesale VoIP services to businesses big and small seeking to gain a premium international reach at an incredibly low cost. Our extensive network of international telecom partners and strategically placed infrastructure enables us to give you the most reliable, professional service along with class-leading call quality regardless of your location, that of your customers or any connected party in-between.

Our Resellers Program

VoIP Terminator is always on the lookout for professional collaborations that work both ways. If you haven’t already, explore our VoIP partners and resellers program, where we offer different partnership tracks. Let’s start up a business friendship based on the absolute best wholesale VoIP termination service and technology available! Discover our newly launched VoIP Resellers Program.

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