//A five-step survival guide for call centers

A five-step survival guide for call centers

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It’s no secret that call centers survival needs a lot of hard work, patience, challenges, and difficulties to stand out from the competition. When the customer’s expectations rise, the tough job of call center agents becomes more demanding. According to a recent survey in 2018; there will be almost 89% companies who will be competing on the basis of best customer experience. Another report says that there will be around 45% customers who will switch the companies as they have found very unhelpful, unskilled and unprofessional staff; and 73% customers will be satisfied with the friendly attitude of agents who will make them fall in love with their brand. Therefore, in order to survive this year, here is a four-step guide that can help you lead the call center business in the best way.

Choose high-quality call center software that can work wonders for you:

Most of the people consider that use of high quality and expensive technology would be a threat to their business as it will involve them in the financial crisis. But considering best call center software solutions can help them grow their business in a more efficient way. Call center software solutions mainly include high-quality VoIP, VICIdial and call center leads. Among all the use of VICIdial is most important as it can help you run campaigns in more effective manner. These high-quality technologies have the best power to transform customer service. Web chat, social media, Email, and SMS everything is on the rise and people feel more satisfied when you offer them new ways to get in touch with your products and services.

Consider artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence helps you overcome the staff shortages. According to the recent call center report, the staff shortages usually represent a big barrier to offering efficient customer support. In small or medium scale call centers, there are only 60% agents who handle voice and 7-10% agents handle the texts only like social media, chat, and email etc. For example, Virtual assistants can help you direct your customers to the right area of your website and will help people access the relevant information.


A chatbot is a next stage in the web revolution. – They are basically the smart computer programs which tend to mimic the conversations with customers using artificial intelligence. They quickly transform the way users interact. They revolutionize different tasks in our daily lives like they can order dinner or a taxi, set up the schedules and meetings, shop online and book flights.

When only the human touch needed…!

Do not force the involvement of digital channels if your customers don’t want them. There are still many call centers that prefer to retain a human voice to accommodate the customers’ needs and are able to conduct sensitive conversations effectively. The voice always plays a significant role in crisis management situations like in emergency services. Therefore, it’s important to maintain best service levels that depend on agent’s availability at the right time.

Teach, Train, Repeat!

Agent recruitment, training, personal development, and agent attrition are all the pinpoints that need to be considered before setting up your call center business. As these points can help your call center stands out from the competition and will survive more efficiently for a longer run. Teach and train your agents using all necessary sources and let them equip with the latest techniques and proficient knowledge to generate more sales and revenue.

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