//5 Types of VoIP services you should know about

5 Types of VoIP services you should know about

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Business owners and common people are well aware that making calls with VoIP is quite cost-effective and feature-rich as compared to the traditional telephone system. But still, some people are not aware of the VoIP service options.

Here are some common types mentioned which are specific for different uses.

Business VoIP services:

VoIP for business usually comes in 2 options: the on-premises and the cloud-based. For on-premise VoIP, businesses will need to buy the whole equipment and a proper office to maintain smooth operations. But with cloud-based VoIP, you only outsource your phone system to the VoIP provider. These options generally provide us an affordable communication solution than the traditional landlines and associated with numerous beneficial features for your small-scale businesses.

Business VoIP services are mainly used for call centers, as call centers can easily make audio and video conferencing, use interactive voice response, automated attendants, screen-sharing, handle call queues and call reports, and many other features that can help them to run smooth operations. But make sure you are considering the help of right VoIP service providers as they can offer you more scalable solutions with complete technical support.

Residential VoIP Services:

For residential VoIP, you can use the simple adapter to connect the landline phone to your Wi-Fi modem in order to make & receive calls over the internet. Depending on the plan you are choosing, you will have to pay the bill each month for using unlimited services or for the minutes you have actually used.

Device-based VoIP Services:

This type usually involves purchasing the whole VoIP device from your service provider and then plug it into the existing phone so you can easily make free calls in the U.S. This means that you will not be required to pay the monthly bill, and you won’t need any other devices besides your old landline telephone set.

Software-based VoIP:

This is another common type of VoIP, and many people prefer to use it on a regular basis. You have the option to either access the smart web-based application online, or you can simply install it as a software on your device. After that, you can use your device’s audio input and the output feature to talk and listen. The best example of this kind of service is Skype.

Mobile VoIP Services:

Just like a software-based VoIP, the mobile VoIP is also a smart application. But this application will be installed on your mobile device instead of laptop or computers. It will enable you to make and receive calls regardless of your location until you have a good internet connection. The best example of this kind of service is Skype, WhatsApp, Google handout etc.

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