//5 Technology Trends Coming to Change the Future of Call Center Industry

5 Technology Trends Coming to Change the Future of Call Center Industry

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What will be the call center of 2020 look like? Well, to predict something about future call centers, we need to forget about the presence of physical call centers anymore. The tremendous increase in cloud technology is usually leading to a great increase in remote call center agents.

But this move is not actually a sign that businesses are shunning their call centers. There are some innovative technology trends introduced that can ultimately change the future of call center industry and help agents and owners to increase productivity.

Chatbots might supplant human agent:

Chatbots have already taken over the call center industry and would do it in a much better way in the next upcoming years. For example, one famous banking group has AI-driven virtual agent that can simply deliver human-like conversational customer support solutions. This practice helped the bank to improve their user experience, which includes more than 80% of first-call resolutions within the first two months.

Thus, in the future, if a customer were required to contact the call center with some already known issue, then a chatbot would automatically search through their database for problem resolutions. Moreover, the call would only escalate to the live agent if the chatbot is unable to solve the issue. That’s the reason, choosing right call center solutions to matter a lot to run the operations smoothly, as these solutions include advanced innovations to deal with the customers in the right way.


More remote agents:

Today, more and more people are choosing to work from home. According to a recent research by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are about a third of employed people are working regularly from their home. In addition, they are also offering flexible working arrangements that can suit the younger generation’s varied and connected lifestyles. Therefore, workforce management software will become the most important need for the next years, as it will help to deal with the remote workers. This software will connect all the data a call center requires in real-time, as well as it also offers a mobile app option for moving agents.

Biometric will overtake security questions:

Security questions have always been a very beneficial tool, especially for call center industry. But it’s also quite easy for fraudsters as they can simply learn the answers and steal users’ identities. Thus, in the next upcoming years, most of the call centers in the United States will replace security questions with biometric analysis.

Internet of things will take over:

As we all know that the products such as Google Home and Nest, the IoT will be connecting user’s devices, and all these devices would soon connect to you as well. IoT-enabled devices are now able to monitor and store your required information about themselves and their customers and then they can be programmed to detect if there is an issue.

Artificial intelligence will continue to improve call routing:

On the other hand, artificial intelligence is also expected to continue improving the call routing procedure. So, in the near future, we can expect the classic dial tone interaction to be replaced by the voice recognition system.

But the fact is, voice recognition is not the only routing area that can be improved by artificial intelligence. Today, call centers would be able to use text analytics to scan the chat inquiries and emails for multiple keywords or phrases, and then automatically direct their customers to the relevant answer.

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