//5 reasons predictive dialers drive brand success

5 reasons predictive dialers drive brand success

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In call centers, time is everything. And every wasted minute leads them towards a missed opportunity. We all know that call center software solutions help us to overcome different complicated tasks and make our process easier and user-friendly. Similarly, if we talk about dialers, they can help us make multiple calls within a minute. One of the major types of this dialer software is predictive dialer which offers us the perfect solution to make multiple calls simultaneously through its automated features that filters out the obstacles and places hundreds of calls at optimal times to provide best results.

Greater productivity of call center agents:

Predictive dialers smartly eliminate the manual task of dialing numbers to boost the agent’s productivity. It also determinates best call times automatically, intelligently predicts when the current call is going to end and do not waste time in dialing next number. By doing this, it also reduces the probability of making errors. Additionally, its call blending characteristics also allow it to work with the automated call distribution (ACD) system and then route the calls to different available agents on inbound and outbound channels. Most of the call centers owners prefer to choose hosted predictive dialers for lead generation, so they don’t have to deal with technical complexities and can boost the sales in a more efficient way.

Stronger lead management:

Predictive dialers help us organize all the data all in one place. For instance, call center agents can be able to access the required information like the customer profiles, their preferences and the purchase history in a user-friendly way. The predictive dialer efficiently filters out multiple obstacles like the fax and answering machines, and hence offer quick access to hundreds of live connections.

Maximum sales

Making calls at random times and then hoping to get a quick answer may lead agents to an overwhelming process of getting irrelevant leads. They need technology which is trustable to provide a more strategic approach. Therefore, predictive dialers are now growing smarter with the daily use and tweaking the complicated process as it simply ensures that the strongest leads will be contacted at the standard times. Agents feel more confident while speaking to their prospects at those optimal times. Its call logging and recording features also save their maximum time and lead agents to focus on more sales and lead generation.

Cost effective:

Call center costs can be greatly reduced if they will use the hosted predictive dialer, as agents will need to spend less time on the costly voice channel, and as a result, the customer abandonment rate will automatically decrease. Moreover, the fewer agents will be needed to make multiple calls as their productivity would be increased greatly.

High customer satisfaction:

Finally, the one biggest advantage of using predictive dialers is the higher customer satisfaction rate.  According to the recent analysis, it has been observed that customers were more satisfied when contacted through predictive dialers. These were called at preferred times, and would less likely to disturb at odd hours, and also not contacted too frequently, unlike manual dialing system in which we have no records of our customers.

Predictive dialers are considered as the essential tool for driving the agent’s success and productivity. It helps them pursue maximum leads strategically, and also satisfy their current and future customers. If you are looking for more details, contact the professionals at VoIP Terminator.

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