//5 Powerful Ringless Voicemail Strategies that will help you sell more

5 Powerful Ringless Voicemail Strategies that will help you sell more

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Leaving voicemails is considered to be one of the most powerful sales strategies that works wonders for businesses, especially for call centers. People often get more than 100 sales emails in their inbox daily. But most of the times, people get only a few voicemails from sales professionals. A well-crafted voicemail is an excellent way to cut through the noise and reach your potential client.

If you can create a killer voicemail, it can effectively increase the chances of getting multiple prospects to respond to emails and social connections. Like this, a term Ringless voicemail is also getting tremendous popularity especially in call center industry; where agents can send voicemails without disturbing their clients because the person won’t be distracted by the noisy tone of their cell phone. And they can read the voicemail later according to their convenience.

If you want to improve your voicemail marketing, have a look at five powerful strategies that can help you get more calls from prospects;

Offer clear value to your prospects:

It recommended delivering clear values that enable your potential clients to find an idealized version of the products.  For example, at VoIP terminator, the agents are consistently trained on how to include your value props in their Ringless voicemails such as, “by using our Ringless voicemail services, you can simply double the amount of daily sales conversations you have with clients which should also increase your sales conversion rates.”

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Give your contact details twice:

Through your Ringless voicemail solution, you are giving your clients a reason to contact you back, so you should make it easy for them to write you’re your contact details, without having them to rewind your message again & again. Repeat the critical information twice. The information should include your name, company, and phone number.

Convey excitement and energy through your message:

Conveying true energy and excitement to your clients that you are going to choose the best company also sets you apart from other companies. Thus, that’s also true that people want to talk to winners and therefore, it’s important to sound like a winner. Craft such energetic message that your prospects prefer to choose you again & again.

Keep your message short & precise:

Your potential clients don’t have enough time to listen to your long and detailed voicemail. That’s why, keeping your voicemail short, precise and to the point would eventually show your prospect that you are also concerned about their time. It’s also true that your company’s entire value proposition is certainly not going to be conveyed in your 25-30-second voicemail. Instead, you can simply choose to introduce yourself, provide a relevant context, state your key purpose, and ask for what you need before moving further.


Sales and marketing professionals are usually under the gun and expected to not only deliver positive results but also to be extraordinarily efficient and work extremely fast. Ringless voicemail solutions can simply help assure that your agents can offer the best solutions with a single click, and leave the best-recorded voicemail message. Then they can easily move to the next call with least interruption.

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By applying the above-mentioned tips, you can efficiently increase your sales within a month as this is the most popular method to generate leads and conversions. If you need to check more tips and tricks, you can consult with the professionals of VoIP Terminator for a detailed guideline.

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