//5 must have call center softwares for better customer service

5 must have call center softwares for better customer service

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It’s quite challenging to pick, implement and optimize a right call center software solution for best results. But having a perfect software solution is definitely quite helpful in maintaining smooth operations. Here are top call center software solutions explained for better customer support.

  1. IP PBX; call routing software

IP PBX is a call routing software which is a great upgrade to automatic call distributor solution. It enables the customers to contact the organizations through different channels such as voice, email, chat, etc to be routed to the relevant customer support executives efficiently.

Two major advantages of IP PBX software are:

  • Contacts are directly moved to the agents rather than having customer support agent move around the systems to access
  • You can monitor the results and can track & report the metrics, which also include volumes, higher response times and the average handle times, etc.

The main advantage IP PBX provides is the ability to route calls to the agents directly that have the most appropriate knowledge and skills to handle the transactions.

  1. Quality management software:

Quality management software usually includes the recording and call monitoring tools. They simply provide the best way to manage report and track the quality metrics. Call recording software solutions offer the opportunity to record sample or either 100% customer interaction with a call center. Such recordings usually provide a great audit trail of multiple interactions between agents and the customers which can be simply utilized as part of a quality monitoring platform or just like a tool to review the historical customer interactions. This is one of the most useful call center software solutions that can be used to track the performance in a timely manner.

  1. Integrated Voice response software:

This software enables the customer self-service during their call interaction. This type of technology is called IVR in which the caller can simply press some particular keys on their phone to get the immediate answer to their query. They will hear a prerecorded message which will state that you are required to press 1 or 2 to consult with your relevant agent or activate the offer. This saves the time of the customer as well as call centers can enhance their productivity in a short time period.

  1. Outbound dialing software:

Another essential call center software is the outbound dialing solution. It basically provides greater efficiency by efficiently preparing the agents for contacting and then eliminates some non-value-added activities like dialing calls, waiting for the customer to answer during calling process.

Depending on the size of your organization, dialing software also has few common types which include a predictive dialer, power dialer, auto dialer etc.

  1. Voice or text analytics software:

Voice or text analytics software always supports and analyzes the actual voice of your customer.

Therefore, the post-contact speech or text analytics provides you with the maximum capability to select multiple sample calls that can easily send the conversations related to particular keywords or the types of inquiries.

There are still different useful software solutions that can enhance the productivity and provide best results. If you are looking for more help, you can also approach the professionals at VoIP Terminator where you can seek maximum assistance regarding call center solutions.

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