//5 features of advanced call centers for flexible calling campaigns

5 features of advanced call centers for flexible calling campaigns

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As compared to the traditional call centers, advanced call centers have evolved with more useful features that can help the brands to enhance their productivity. With the help of these features, call centers can simply run their campaigns in a more effective manner and can streamline their operations with least investment.

Here are some advanced features to consider maintaining strong business communication;

Calling campaigns with voice messaging:

The high-quality phone system can easily qualify thousands of prospects and simply introduce your products and services before transferring it to your call center agents. Messages can be also sent on the answering machines, so you will have to experience no more dropped calls, and the message will properly identify your company, its services, and products according to the proposed FTC regulations.

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Remotely working from different destinations:

Your call center agents can easily work from their home, from remote offices or even at your call center. By using the internet, the advanced technology can also connect calls with the agents, no matter where they are locating.

Flexible dialing solutions:

You can set up your phone system to perform any kind of dialing, from simple autodial software to, progressive dialing, predictive dialing, and of course the message dialing. Whatever the requirements are, you can simply choose the dialer software to make automated calls in a short time period.

Automated contact management:

CRM and WFM software solutions are installed in different types of call centers, which simply help you, manage the operations smoothly, and provide the support in a timely manner to your call center agents. this software can ease the job of a call center agent, and they can organize and manage the workflow more efficiently.

Inbound call management solutions:

It’s possible to manage the inbound calls more professionally and then answered using the most intelligent IVR software as well as the call routing features. All the relevant information can be easily provided to the callers without the need to speak with a call center agent. That’s the reason, call centers are able to intelligently route the calls to multiple agent groups and can also manage their outside call transfers.

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With enhanced features and advanced call center solutions, it’s easy to increase agent’s productivity, improved control, and efficient use of resources. That’s the reason; today most of the call centers have utilized such advanced solutions to deliver exceptional outcomes with reduced costs. There are still lots of features to consider for your call center business, you can approach the professionals at VoIP Terminator for a more detailed guideline.

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