//5 Best Ringless Voicemail Techniques That Lead to Close Sales

5 Best Ringless Voicemail Techniques That Lead to Close Sales

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The major portion of telemarketing calls usually ends up going with Ringless voicemail when the agent or marketer pinch you to call back and ask you to get the opportunity to avail their new offers or services. But the technique has been getting traditional as it sounds more like a promotional one as compared to offering something productive to their audience. So, the fact is, instead of using the promotional tone with this technique, it’s better to use Ringless Voicemail with proper strategy offered by expert professionals. Here are some exceptional techniques that can lead to close deals quickly and efficiently.

Use voicemail messages and calls without using promotional tone:

It’s important to make a proper plan when you have to leave your voice message and when you have to hang up without leaving. For instance, if you have called your potential customer several times in a week, you might leave your message on every sixth attempt. And if you are spreading out the calls, then you can try leaving your voice message everyone to two weeks.

Showing such attitude makes you makes you look less pushy and promotional. This technique simply makes it much easier to leave an effective voicemail every time.

Educate your customer well:

The basic goal of your voicemail is to convince your customer and getting him to call back. That’s why it’s important to educate him well before leaving your compelling message. For example, you can use such a tone;

“Hello (customer’s name) this is (your name) from (company name) and I am offering you to avail these services. Maybe we can schedule a meeting with you to guide you more effectively. So, please get in touch with me at your earliest at my contact number. Thanks”

Also, try to touch their pain points. For example, “We are here to help you deal with several challenges like…..” and then mention their pain points consecutively.

Don’t use the sales tone:

Your customer receives loads of calls, messages, and voicemails from telemarketing companies that offer them to avail their services. Most of these calls and messages have sales tone and nothing to do with the customer. That’s why it’s important to make your messages stand out by removing the sales tone and use the effective, meaningful, and compelling tone to win their confidence. You can follow these tips as well;

  • Do not use buzzwords or jargons
  • Do not use the random clichés, such as ‘visit if you are interested in buying…’
  • Do not directly mention your goal, like I want to schedule a meeting, or I want to sell this service or product.
  • Mention something unique about company’s products or services that set them apart from other.

Do not talk about the products directly in the message:

Instead of using direct advertisement approach like telemarketing sales calls, use an indirect yet effective method without even mentioning your products. Remember, you have to convince them to engage in conversation not force them to buy the product.  So instead of talking about what you sell, talk about what you can improve, what challenges you will help them to overcome, and why you are a better option than others.

Follow voicemail with the email:

Try to send your customer a potential email after leaving a voicemail. This would eventually allow the prospects to see the name visually and click the company’s link to find your website for details. Additionally, it’s much easier to reply to the emails as compared to the voicemails as they can save the email for future reference as well.

These are the few of the effective tips to improve your sales. I hope these tips will help you connect with more prospects. If not so, you can also consult with the professionals of VoIP Terminator for efficient guidance.

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