//5 advantages of a cloud based call center

5 advantages of a cloud based call center

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A cloud-based call center provides many important tools, capabilities, and features that the traditional call center offers. In fact, the major difference between the “cloud-based call center” and the traditional one is a concern for the IT department. It basically refers to whether the call center software is housed in the data center in your on-premise office or somewhere in the public cloud.

Rapid deployment:

Whenever any latest technology is deployed in the on-premise data center, there will be different roadblocks to overcome. You will need to provide proper storage resources, computers, application installation sources, apply some crucial configurations, and then testing the new technology. This process may take several weeks or even months to accomplish. But in case of cloud-based call centers, you don’t need to purchase or install hardware solutions. Everything will be stored in a cloud and will be in software form. In a cloud-based call center, you can reduce deployment time from months to hours. But make sure you are choosing right call center software solutions that offer complete uptime guarantees and provide result oriented solutions.

Remote agents:

Remote agents have proven and exceptional skills as they belong to different cities or states and have great knowledge of the relevant industry. Establishing this remote agent program also provides you the opportunity to expand the hiring range to the whole country or even worldwide instead of looking candidates located in the small area around your destination.

Business continuity:

Without a staffed call center, the business has different ways to connect with their customers in a timely and efficient manner. If any disaster strike that has left your data center completely damaged and you have lost each and everything, then it could take several weeks to set up your call center and make it in running condition.

But when a call center is in the cloud, it would be different and dynamic. Call center agents will still be able to approach their clients as everything would be settled on cloud and fully saved and protected.

Monthly subscription charges:

Instead of heavy and up-front capital investments, many cloud-based call center solutions are sold on the subscription model. The cloud-based call center can simply access the full-featured platform for a predictable monthly fee.

Security & redundancy:

A cloud-based call center service business always starts & ends with the data center. It is the most important resource that needs to be protected at every cost. In many cases, cloud-based call centers save expenses for the data security, their physical security, and the redundancy.

A cloud-based call center may not be the good fit for every single organization working in the market. But still, there are many businesses that can find the cloud to be the most viable, superior, an ideal choice for their call center. Therefore, if you are also planning to set up a call center, consider choosing cloud-based solutions from VoIP Terminator that can help you install setup and deploy the software in just 20 minutes.

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